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Cheburashka Animation Review

An interesting animation from Russia based on popular dolls. The story of a monkey that escaped from the world of cartoon animation and tried to find food by stealing fruit in the orange. While farmers are picking their agricultural products. Sometimes it takes a little hero with big ears to bring sunshine and smiles to…

Kung Fu Panda 2, 3 Review

Keep having fun with the second and third Kung Fu Panda animations. Po had already defeated warriors from many sects, and in the end he himself met his real father who was a panda. Watch online here. Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) Plot Po (Jack Black) protects the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and…

Cartoon Pets Best

Follow the story of movies, series, TV shows and comic books that feature pets as the main characters in each story. So our website has collected all the information there is on the planet for this fun cartoon pet.

You'll also have your favorite cartoons and movies to read, review synopsis and visualization of the making. Especially comic books and cartoons in TV shows that have been made into movies, and of course, pets are important supporting roles in every story.