Cheburashka Animation Review

An interesting animation from Russia based on popular dolls. The story of a monkey that escaped from the world of cartoon animation and tried to find food by stealing fruit in the orange. While farmers are picking their agricultural products.

Sometimes it takes a little hero with big ears to bring sunshine and smiles to the grown-up world! A furry and restless animal from a distant orange land awaits him on fantastic adventures in a quiet coastal town where he must find a name, friends and a home. Help and hinder! – In it there will be an old, stay-at-home gardener, a strange fashionista aunt and her capricious niece, a boy who will in no way begin to speak, and his mother, who has a hard time, although she cooks the most delicious chocolate in the world And many, many others whose lives will explode with magic and adventure along with the scent of oranges!

However, this monkey has become a magical creature capable of magical powers and is needed by people with evil plots in the city where they fall in love with this little monkey.