HE BLUE ELEPHANT (ก้านกล้วย) Animation Thai Review

The best Thai animation ever created from Thai elephants that are the closest pets to Thai people. I believe that many people have seen banana stems since they were young. Time has passed for a long time until I forgot the story for a while until Netflix abandoned it, so I tried to watch it again.

Animation of Thais, the story I like the most and I want to elevate it to the best Thai animation ever. I believe many people have seen the banana stick since childhood. Time went by for a long time before I forgot about the storyline for a while until Netflix dropped it so I’m trying to go back and watch it again.

Khan Kluai is a historical animation based on an elephant named “Khan Kluai” as the protagonist. The story is about Kan Kluai, an orphaned baby elephant who wants to find a father he never knew. which leads to friendship, love, courage and sacrifice

Kan Kluai is an animation that shows Thai very clearly. both landscape scenes Even before the clouds in the sky you can see that it is a Thai pattern. The characters are clear, unique, easily recognizable. And because it’s a historical cartoon, the story also features historical characters like “King Naresuan.”

This is another amazing point every time I look at the banana stick. Because the reason for choosing King Naresuan’s elephant is more than just choosing it based on gachalak texts. The animation tells the childhood story that Khan Kluai and Phra Naresuan met before. It is a harmonious connection between man and nature. There is also a scene where the banana leaves give up walking to run to their mother. Which is very well done because from the start there was an emotional layer to the story that the banana tree needs parents.

But although the goal is to be with the parents, but the things I got on the trip were not less than me. Ever since they broke up to find friendship, to grow up, to learn about life. Here it secretly feels like seeing Lion King mixed with Mulan, meaning it looks Thai but is easy to understand in a universal way that every nation knows and knows the context.