Pets United Plot Cartoon

Parents should know that Pets United is an animated film about animals facing off against robot cops. Expect non-stop animated action, including chases, fights, predators and robots, car or train crashes, flying knives, menacing garbage shredders (including robots with near-human emotions and some pets), and last but not least. And vengeful: the destruction of evil intelligent robots. Fortunately (spoiler alert possible?), thanks to courage and loyalty, the pets survive unscathed, including the one that seemed crushed at the beginning of the film. Not only does every pet have its own story and characteristics, but it also has a variety of European accents that can be seen as stereotypes (threatening zoo animals are Slavic, ostentatious poodles are Italian, feisty foxes are Irish, arrogant cats are Slavic). British, etc.). ) .) ). Animals are obsessed with body treatments like lip enhancement, eyelash extensions, rhinoplasty, waxing, massage and more.