Sing 2 Animation Plot (2021)

When there are more famous musicians But the show turned down and wasn’t spectacular. The new show therefore begins with guests joining in the fun.

Sing In 2016, Illumination Entertainment After the success of his talent show at the New Moon Theater, Buster (McConaughey) wants to take it one step further and throw an extravagant show at the acclaimed Crystal Tower Theater in glamorous Red Shore City. With no business connections and only hopes and dreams, Buster proposes the offbeat idea to wolf mogul Jimmy Crystal. With Gunter’s spontaneous help, Buster plans a big show featuring the return of reclusive rock legend Clay Calloway. The star has not been seen since his wife’s death more than a decade ago.

The only problem with this plan is that Buster has never met Clay and Jimmy is not a man who likes to be lied to. With just three weeks to get the big show off the ground, the group of musically inclined animals must find Clay and convince him to take part in the show, while also attending to Jimmy’s wishes and keen eye.